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Learning to Improve the Environment

Green Schools Pakistan takes advantage of insights from current thinking, about environment and ecology, to bring them to bear on school education. Its programme combines conventional methodologies and subjects with new ones including Open Source, Art+Tech projects, DIY Do-It-Yourself and DIWO Do-It-With-Others. This multi-disciplinary approach links up with a future articulated by the remaking of knowledge through art, innovation and technology – while picking up cues from observing nature.

Lessons from Climate Change: Floods & Heat Wave in Pakistan

Connecting local phenomena in Pakistan to changes in global climate, like the floods in 2011-12 which displaced millions of people, and the heat wave in 2015 which caused a thousand deaths, helps us to focus our commitment to Earth’s health. This entails that we manage our natural resources, and urban and industrial waste, with minimum destructive impact, while taking specific measures to reverse the effects.

Global Citizens of Spaceship Earth

Understanding this is made easier if we have analytical knowledge of concepts and examples of good practice related to environment. This requires that we educate ourselves, and our generations, about the big changes on Earth, our planet. As global citizens, it implies that we equip ourselves with techniques and imagination in order to steer ourselves to a future better than the imminent negative scenarios.