GSP’s activities centre in the Learning Garden – which is a mini-farm, an outdoor classroom and a nature lab. Children grow their own food, relate subject topics to nature & ecology, perform environment audits & solve problems with DIY solutions – with inspiration from nature.



In all our programmes these themes focus activities on qualities & capacities of the future

Learning Garden & Urban Farming

Grow your own food - Its the future ! Plus its a life skill that will give you the healthiest food on the planet.

Environmental Art

Be creative with science & tech. Small is beautiful ! Its an amazing time to do electronics thats good for the environment.

Ecology & Global Citizenship

Think global, act local - On Spaceship Earth ! Be a Climate activist. No matter what your profession, be a leader in protecting life & the environment.

Waste, Water, Energy, Air

Conserve precious resources. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Use only what you need to. Give up dirty fuels, embrace renewables.

Food & Nutrition

Do you know where your food comes from? Probably not. Then how can you know what's good for you & whats not ! Know your food source & how its processed.

Curriculum integration

Living in the city how can nature become part of the curriculum? By connecting the teaching of math, geometry, literature, language, arts & science to living nature & the environment, in the Learning Garden !